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I put this together so that we could have a closer bond with one another and you would know what was going on with me.  On this site you will be able to interface with me on my blog, website email, twitter, and facebook.

I can't express enough my thanks for your continued support and all of the support you have given me through the years.  From my first movies and television shows, to my life on Daytime TV, you have been listening and downloading in record numbers.

So I am opening a window into my work and personal life for you here... 

You will be the first to know all the news relating to my show "Straight Talk Live", which is coming to TV and the latest news, as I learn about it, for the possible rebirth of "One Life to Live".  You will have special opportunities to see products and services of my guests on the show and recommendations from me about health, beauty, travel, and more.  

If it's happening in your life, we are talking about it on "Straight Talk Live".  If it's happening in my life, you will find it here!  

Please write, tweet, follow, and facebook. I love hearing from you,





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