General Hospital

Tonja Walker on General Hospital

I have returned to General Hospital and will be on through mid March, 2017. As TV networks like to bring back characters for short periods of time, please click on the button below and send a message to help me stay on the show permanently.

Keep Tonja on TV

Tonja turned what was supposed to be a small part for a few short weeks into one of the most memorable soap villains in General Hospital history with her portrayal of Olivia St. John Jerome.  Olivia is the daughter of mob boss Victor Jerome and uses that influence to control the object of her obsession, Duke Lavery.

Olivia becomes so obsessed with Duke she goes on to torment his wife, Anna, and Anna's daughter, Robin.  By the time the shots were fired, most of the people in Port Charles wanted Olivia six feet under.  Just who did shoot her in the end, became the highlight of General Hospital's 1988 writer's strike year.

Olivia Takes Robin

The ever wicked Olivia takes young Robin for an unplanned afternoon of fun to scare Duke, Anna, and Robert.  Much thanks to lovegymnasts for posting these videos to Youtube! lovegymnast's Youtube Channel.

Who Shot Olivia?

Lots of people wanted her dead, but just who shot maniacal Olivia St. John Jerome?  All early leads point to Anna, including a temporarily-conscious Olivia, so Robert has Anna arrested.  Thanks to udhoop for posting these videos.  udhoop's Youtube Channel.