One Life to Live

Alex's first appearance in Llanview was as a FAB agent sent to assist Bo Buchanan when his wife, Sarah, was kidnapped by Carlo Hesser.  Her obsession with Bo led Alex quickly to the other side of the law and fans were delighted.

Sent to the Mental Institution on several occasions for various offenses, such as trying to drown Cassie, Alex would always escape and make her way back to Llanview.

Oil baron Asa Buchanan resisted Alex for as long as he could, but he eventually fell for the blonde vixen and they married in 1994.  Alex would later become the mayor of Llanview during her marriage to Asa.


Tonja on set as Alex Olanov in late 2012 appearance.

Studio picture of Tonja as
Alex Olanov

Tonja on set as Alex Olanov eavesdropping at Asa's funeral.

Alex Returns to OLTL in 2012

Alex Olanov, unhappy with the plastic surgery "tune-up" she just received, throws a fit determined to confront the surgeon.  While in the waiting room, a young man and woman approach her and tell her some devastating news.  At this juncture, will she live or die?

Favorite Alex Moments

Below is a playlist of some of the favorite Alex Olanov moments from One Life to Live as posted by fans to Youtube.  Thanks to all the OLTL fans for posting these clips.

Alex Tries to Drown Cassie

In this series of clips filmed on location at Loon Lake, Alex tries to drown the gullable Cassie.  Thanks to VickRobCal for posting these to Youtube.  VickRobCa's Youtube Channel.