The Derby Stallion

The Derby Stallion marked the debut of now famous Zac Effron, of High School Musical fame. This heartwarming tale of the love between a boy and a horse will surely move you to laughter and tears.

This first film from Tonja Walker Productions won awards from The New York International Film and Video, Dove Award for Family Entertainment, and international recognition by the London Children’s Film Festival. It went on to be a high selling DVD in 2007. The film starred, along with Tonja and her daughters Abrianna and Isabella, Bill Cobbs, Zac Efron, William R. Moses and Crystal Hunt.

Cute fifteen-year-old Zac Efron (as Patrick McCardle) doesn't have friends his own age.  He skips baseball practice to spend time with boozing horse enthusiast mentor Bill Cobbs (as Houston Jones). In flashbacks, Mr. Cobbs recounts his love for a wealthy white woman, and a passion for horses; his doomed romance led Cobbs to alcoholism. Parents William R. Moses and Tonja Walker (as Jim and Linda) don't like Mr. Efron's close relationship with the older man; especially, Mr. Moses wants his son to play baseball like his dad. Efron doesn't know much, but "I know horses like me." He decides to join the horse races, with Cobbs as trainer.


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