Very Confusing Path Pols Are On

go to link political situation in the philippines essay love canal case study custom paper size windows xp source link apa format for citing websites without authors enter cellular respiration and essay review questions follow url levitra not effective celebrex antidepressant wonders of life essay thesis statement examples for english source url best dissertation conclusion writing sites us sildenafil from india creative writing prompts pdf safe maximum viagra dosage female viagra in sydney architectural dissertation topics negative side effects from diovan hct click here essay world book day top problem solving writers sites for school good topics for a research paper I often wonder if everything in Washington is a power play to demonize the other side, no matter who the other side is… I for one am just sick of the lack of any good faith, or attempts to even coexist peacefully, in order to work for the American People. Period. Don’t bother to litter my page with trash talk and so called facts to justify the hate.  I hate the hate and it has gone on long enough. BOTH sides have done criminal or unethical things. He who has not sinned cast the first stone as Jesus said.  I pray we get a health care system passed that includes all, but doesn’t have 5000 plus deductibles and hundreds of dollars required for medicine. I pray that we secure the border, finally, but leave good immigrants who love this country here to help make this country better. I pray the criminals are deported. I pray for civility in government without sneaky backroom gotcha plays by either side.  I pray for peace and values to find a home in Washington and on our streets. I pray for less corruption in government, because we’ve had it for years and now everyone seems to desire to find it now, no matter what the cost. I pray for our families, and our children. Both sides have done dishonest or  crude things and it must STOP. We will never get our kids involved in leading this nation if all they see is sick fights and underhanded  actions to bring down those of whom we disagree.
A book I love says: “Acceptance is the key to all of my problems today. Whenever I find any person   place or thing unacceptable to me, I must remember nothing happens in God’s world by mistake. I must focus not on what needs to be changed in the world, but what needs to be changed in me and my attitudes. God’s will not mine be done.” God will show us a way when we don’t see a way, and God uses people you might never think He/She would to do God’s will. Before more hate, take a moment to ask, is what I’m saying kind? Does it need to be said? Does it need to be said now? And does it need to be said by me?
Personally I think ego and self interest ends up at the root of most problems, including political ones. Perhaps if we tried to get term limits in place through our legislative State branches of government we may have better ideas with more committed politicians, knowing they only have so much time to make a difference in history and they need not worry about their reelection. Just a thought.
I pray media starts thinking more about fairness… and less about making money on sensational stories. But that will need a LOT more prayer. Lol


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