We All Love Our Pets


One of the ways we show it, much like we do with friends and family, is by treating them to food. Sure, giving a pet treat can make us (and our pets) happy, but we also occasionally sneak in some people food as an added treat. You might want to think twice about that, though, because there are certain foods and drinks that can be very harmful to your dog or cat. Here is a list of everyday grocery items that can be hazardous to your pet’s health.  Alcohol—Alcohol in any form can cause problems for your pet. Much like it does with people, alcohol can cause liver damage and brain damage; however, because pets are much smaller than us, the damage happens much more rapidly. The smaller the pet, the quicker the damage car occur.  Avocado—This fatty fruit contains a substance, persin, that can be harmful to dogs, causing digestive and breathing problems. Whole avocados are doubly dangerous because of the pits, which are choking and digestive hazards.  Chocolate—Even


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