Welcome To My New Website!

How excited am I to be up to date? Let's see, up to date...I guess that means tomorrow this will be old. Darn, how do you keep things up to date if they only last one day? Well...

Today we added several Real Estate sites, several new videos from my Tonja Walker Talk Show, a YouTube Channel and a whole bunch more stuff.

So, coming soon in order to stay up to date, there will be discussions with you about:

  • South Carolina primaries
  • The Oscars
  • What's up in Soap Operas (Did you know there is a new head writer on Days of Our Lives? Of course you did, because you are "up to date.")
  • So much about Real Estate that it's too much to list, (pun intended).
  • and much more...

Right now, today I am taking my daughter to audition for a college. I am very nervous, not about her audition, but about the traffic. So I've got to go! Check back regularly and please respond.

11 comments on “Welcome To My New Website!”

  1. Sabrina Reply

    Hi Tonja, I just submitted my feedback to keep you on the show…you are a breath of fresh air, been a great fan since you first came on General Hospital decades ago. I do hope you stay for a long time..love you…xoxoxo

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Dear The Amazing Tonja Walker,
    I sent a message to ABC about having you bring back Olivia St. John (Jerome) which should have happened a long time ago. I have also sent Frank Velentini several tweets about this. I am trying to get others to do this on the Soap site Daytime Confidential I mention you and Olivia all the time. I get messages saying you need to be back on GH I won’t give up for these new Jerome’s don’t hold a candle to you I just don’t know what ABC was thinking oh wait they were not thinking.

    Thank You Very Much
    Michael J. Stone

  3. Michael J. Stone Reply

    Dear The Amazing TONJA WALKER,
    I don’t know if you want to hear about this but I just wanted to tell you about what I have been doing. I go to different Soap Opera sites and I blog there on a regular basis. As you know General Hospital brought on some new Jerome’s and recasted another one. As far as I am concerned the entire new Jerome storyline has been a complete let down and a bad mess. When I heard General Hospital wanted to bring back the Jerome’s you came to my mind right away because as far as I am concerned you were the most Important Jerome past present & future. I read other blogs were people wanted you back as well. Just recently I mentioned that you should bring Olivia St. John (Jerome) back to General Hospital ASAP. I am talking to this other person on the site who feels the same. When they brought back the Jerome’s it would have been nice to bring back at least 1 Original Jerome namely you. I read somewhere that you talked with Frank Valentini about bringing Olivia St. John (Jerome) back to General Hospital and he said he couldn’t because Olivia died well so did Julian which right there shows he does not know a thing about General Hospital’s history. Anyways I mention you on several different sites regularly I go under the name Vulpa or Vulpa Stone it’s a nickname for I don’t like my real name. I am not great with all this internet things I recently signed up to facebook and left a message with Frank Velentini about bring you back ASAP I am attempting to get others to stand behind me on this. Also I saw a picture of you somewhere on the internet that you were at some General Hospital event and you were in a picture with your father the great Victor Jerome you to looked great I think your hair was at your shoulders which was the way I remembered Olivia having longer blond hair. I thought ooh Olivia needs to come back now anyways sorry my message was long this is my first time being here and doing something like this so I wanted to tell you about everything.

    Thank You So Much
    Michael J. Stone

  4. Heather s Williamson Reply

    You go Tonja . I’m glad to see you are all up to date, except one big thing!!!! We haven’t have our chat in awhile girl!:) anyway congratulations love heather

  5. Daniel Lessard Reply

    Congratulations Tonja! Very nice website and blog. It will be a pleasure to follow your updates!

  6. Thomas Goldstein Reply

    Tonja, thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write this blog! I am really looking forward to reading your future blog posts!

    Best Wishes,

    Thomas Goldstein

  7. Tonja Walker Reply

    … This is from me… I just read this in the NYT opinion. It’s a good one.
    “Trump plays up the threat of terrorism. But the real threat is that our border agencies spend so much time tracking down people who want to be gardeners that they don’t have the resources to track down the people who want to be suicide bombers. ”
    I like it.
    Updated 2/20/16

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